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That Doesn't relied on any indicator or any market developed reading of entry.
Xterminator EA is base on a mathematical complicate formula that is fully adjustable that is within your own control. There is NO repeat trades in the market no matter how many users and no matter What happens in the market. Xterminator will always make sure your trades are safe and TP in profits without creating a High Drawdown 

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Can You Beat The Forex Market 8 Months In A Row?
We DID… And We Didn’t Place ONE Trade by Hand.

Your money is rotting in the bank from inflation, protect your money and
your family’s future by putting it to work making you more money.

Stop hunting for Holy Grail like what your expecting. There is no Such thing as a holy grail in Forex

Check All the live account used By Xerminator logic 


2019 3k fxbook

Check Our LIVE account that GREW 130% from Sept 2019 to Now
and still Growing with all the market Crash and all the big market moves. Without puting a finger on Trading. And do not be mislead by the Drawdown, as it was on maximum pairs of more then 20 pairs running and facing market crash. With all other live from accounts you can see from the Fxbook, Accounts are running minium pairs of 7-10 pairs only.
All done by Xterminator EA

How to Read the FXbook DD correctly
The Graph shows a RED line and a Orange Line.
The RED line Represent the profit and loss of trading. While the Orange Line represent the 
Drawdown it hit on trading days. 
Select drawdown tab on the above. You will see the graph showing the bar charts.
Xterminator only hit that limit of Drawdown worst in that market flash crash ever Happened.
And how it manage to pull through the difficult time of market. 

350k live screenshot

Check Our live account above with verified withdrawals of more then $100,000 cash from broker above 

5k Live account

Dear Friend and Fellow Trader,

Like you, I hate nothing more than cheats and liars in the trading industry who
try to pull a fast one by not providing HARD PROOF of their results.

So before I go any further...



This Expert Advisor "Xterminator" Has been through the worst market condition ever through September 2019 till now as of writing this June 2020.

Market Involves Brexit, Coronovirus covid 19 till June, Flash crash of all currency pairs in Feb and March, Oil crash to zero value, Stock Market Crash due to whole whole lock down, The worst months to trade in November, December January. Stock high rocket in April and May ,  S&P reaching high levels.

All these worst market condition that you may not even seen in the last 10 years since SARs. Where currency plunge 1500pips each pair, with all major 8 moved together.

Yes, these results were achieved with no human involvement.

It was ALL automated.


Hands free.

And you can enjoy these returns too, starting as early as today with...

NO experience...
NO chart reading skills...
NOR any prior Forex training...

All Fully Automatic Trading Done by Xterminator Expert Advisor

It doesn't matter if today is the first day you've heard about Forex. This is built to Create a steady and consistent income without Blowing up your equity and capital. Which is built by the unique algorithm of logic that works miracle.  

And it's even better for you if you've been around the block, but you'd like a stress-free way
to make consistent returns, PASSIVELY, without sitting in front of the screens.


Introducing...Xterminator EA


Customized to trade Only in a multi currency way, this software is calibrated to profit from whatever way the markets heads, it doesn't relied on any indicators, or price action, that makes software free from any market stop hunt or market maker moves.

Software doesn't has any inbuilt hard stop loss and hard take profits in anyway, which doesn't create a point for any market point for brokers to see or market maker to take you out in a very safe way.

Ask Yourself this if your a trader and what you have faced in a market. You hear about price action, you hear about the best indicator saying Precised entry, you hear and see group selling software that shows you profits flying, Do you even know that all these are just fake scams. If you asked them for MyFxbook or mql5 or fxblue third party results. Non will be provided. End up you see it on Demo accounts and showing you back test accounts on graphs or even showing profits edited and you tough its real.

All Xterminator results are used in real live accounts and shown on MyFxbook and mql5. And the big accounts shown in links are not Cents accounts. which many seller try to scam you. If you ever think that people are selling you software that makes 300-1000% in 1 month for a price of 399 or 599. Ask yourself this question. Is it possible? If you were the person who has this holy grail and can turn this market 300% a month, why would you want sell for 399? Do not fail for all these schemes anymore. 

With other Software, They maybe focus on single pair while our software is by groups calculator and doesn't depend  on any market indicator nor depend on any price action. software is full calibrated to trade by mathematical science. 

It works well due to the logic and calculation and how software handles the trades.  With its unique trade management system that no matter where the market goes or what the famous market makers do to the market. be it flash crash or 911 repeat history. This software is built to bring you the wild market swing. 

With Xterminator, Its the inbuilt logic of trading that works in a certain way from what most traders doesn't know about. the more wild the market. the better it is for software. You use to be afraid of News, Speeches, or big market announcement etc. This software works the reverse way of what market thinks.

Do not be mistaken that this is a high frequency trader, NO its not. Its not a news trader either. 

Because of this, the software was coded to take advantage of this and as you can see, the results over an extended period of time have been PHENOMENAL!

Remember these are proven, documented, 3rd party-verifiable results of what’s possible for you. DO not be fool by the big equities shown on fxbook on account. It is safe for small equity. 

Xterminator is customized to NOT accept unnecessary risk, but to utilize a "dynamic price momentum protection strategy” that makes trading safer and so much more lucrative with built in calculation on Ticks and required 

In fact, I’m hesitant to even call it trading, because it’s so SAFE reason begin

  • software doesn't have a fix point of entry for all traders, which means that even you are doing a 10 lots on a pair. There are no other user that will have the same entry point. 

  • There is no Stop Loss point by price. So there will not be no Market hunt. DO we have STOP LOSS? YES AND NO it depends on what you set it to do. ALL MYFXBOOK results has never had STOP loss and it has never been hunted 

  • Software doesn't have a TP point. Its built to take profits the way its suppose to take profits, Its not because its hidden like most other EA, This software doesn't Required, 

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Starting as early as the next trading day?

Let’s say you have $5,000 in your bank account right now.

It's just parked there, waiting on the measly...what?... 5% per year your bank gives you.

While in the past 8 months, Xterminator has been averaging 6.5% per month even up to 20% in a month!

My advice to you: Get your money out!

Fast! Now!

At least some of it.

Imagine putting $1000 in on the next trading day and watching it become $5,000... $10,000... even $15,000... in a short period of time.

Think about it this way: what would your trading account, income and retirement look like right now if you WON 4 OUT OF EVERY 5 TRADES?

That kind of accuracy would be a game changer for you, and that’s exactly what this system has done and is doing right now!

It’s so easy anyone can use it.

It's automated.

It works on almost any broker the same way.

No special setups needed... and... literally...

It's One Of The Easiest Profitable
Systems You'll Ever Try

Hi. My name is Elland McKennon.

Just a Little Bit of myself that i share the woes what i had.

A few years ago, I was a Construction Project manager. I was making good money, yes. But with a wife and 1 kids, the demands on my salary were more than what I was being paid. 

Like everyone else who's a salaried employee, I found myself going deeper and deeper in debt with no safety net. Facing retrenchment and loss of job with all the needed overheads. 

Worst case scenario: If either my wife or I lost our jobs, we would be screwed. Struggling to let ends meet to the debt and credits and loans. 

Determined to find a way out of that madness, I was in Forex trading in my spare time. for 16 years without success, determine to fine tune my own trading method, spending hundreds of hours in market. Spending hundreds buying EA to test and believing in holy grails. But non work and end up blowing up accounts.  Have it been with you today and happen to you? I believe you do as a fact. 

As I became familiar with Forex after first 10 years., I found that the same principles and discipline I used in my my trading are what market taught. Till a day i went finding reason, why price action doesn't work? Sorry to say that, it doesn't. and all the reasons why other traders sell so call unbeatable indicator, and when i used it, its all losses. 

Till i Finally find the answers to my questions which nobody would give you this answers in simple terms.

Indicators are created by? Market makers.

Price action is begin taught by market makers as well. 

That is why, all your Stop loss what market taught you, hundred of thousand of people are using it. That's the simple reason.

Last but not least, what market markers see on their charts and systems, are not what you and i see. What they see are the number of lots stop loss park in the market. 

That creates a market position for market maker to take your stop loss out then goes back into the direction that you initially taken. How many times has it happened to you? 
This is not a question of why. It's a matter of "its design that way" 
That is what you trade in all kind of position. You stand to loss cause of stop loss. and method that was taught by market. 

I went on to learn more and getting my knowledge. Till i had tested it on demo on my logic. From  "PLAN B" and "PLAN C" when the markets became volatile or moved in unexpected ways so that instead of losing when normal traders would, XTERMINATOR would turn that supposed loss into profits. which i was always of friday trading, News days, speech days. whatever. 

Make the wise choice to get XTERMINATOR today and...

Here's What You Will Get

  • Full SoftwareYou get the suite of code which takes approximately 2 minutes to install on your Metatrader platform.
  • Ongoing, Hands-On SupportYou get quick responses by email if you somehow run into issues at any time at all once you become an owner of Jet Trade Pro.
  • Lifetime Updates If we’ve found improvements that make Xterminator  more successful than it already is, you will also receive an automatic update.
  • Best Settings Xterminator is always updated with the most profitable settings so you can make the most reasonable profits without putting your money at undue risk.

So, now, the question is...

How Much Would You Pay To Potentially Make Well Over 100% Profit In The Next 5 Years or less?

If you look at the results of our live account, you will see that the initial balance was more than doubled in 7 months. And The compounding
effect calculation is only base on 100% per annual and conservative calculation Below table on 

Past performance is no guarantee of the future, but let's say you deposit $5,000, within another 12 months, you could potentially have over $10,000.

Then in another 12 months, potentially over $20,000. At that pace within 5 years, you could have a six-figure balance which you could literally "skim" off to take care of the car payments, the bills, pay for the vacation....

And these are just really very low risk without Risking much of your equity. Base on Xterminator inbuild logic. This Ea is design and built to protect your equity. It has also a hidden code if market were to go against you in a very wild manner. It will lock the trades UP and protecting your equity while still using margin to undo your trades. It will never Blow up your account.

And if you wanted to speed up the process, you could by depositing even more as time goes along, or increase the risk.

Just think: A potential $320,000 balance achieved with no active trading on your part! In 5 years compounding yearly. And why i would say its the minimum And i will explain in a very detail manner lower. Which we were to do compounding another way which calculator cannot do for you. 

How much would you invest today to get that kind of payday in the very near future?And we are only talking about the least saving you required over 5 years. 

The kind of money that could set you up for early retirement, buy you your future house, your dream life style that many though not possible. 

You can see my equity on my live account. I am not born a golden spoon nor am i from a rich family. I have spend my last 10 years compounding and getting where i am seeing in my account today. And in real life now. I am living my life drawing the needed spending monthly like a interest for my investment. And this withdrawal doesnt have any tie down which means no period, no contract no nothing. Its not like you invest in a business and letting people handle the business. Nor putting your money in a investment or funds that require minium 1-5 years bond. Where you face monetary issues. you cannot get your money. 

I have learned my lessons hard over the pass years and what i learn today is what and why i design Xterminator software. I do not want unwanted risk, I do not want my money to be tied down. I do not want my money begin controlled by any managers or controlled by bank giving me peanuts as i am a elephant. Why would i do that. You be surprised 

Would you be surprised if I told you, you could get access to this life-changing software for less than $500 depending on equity?

With the size of returns you're expected to make PASSIVELY in the coming years, you should be paying no less than $1,000.

Instead, Xterminator is yours for only $999.

I think that's more than fair for the MASSIVE value you're expected to get plus...

10k compounding 5 years


You'll Get This Iron cladded 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Xterminator Pack Lite Licence

$197 Per Annual 12 months
  • 1 year licence xterminator
  • Lots size allowed : Open
  • Max 4 set pairs
  • Adjustment Pairs: 4 Allowed
  • Max Group : Open

Xterminator RED Licence

$347 Per Annual 12 months
  • 1 year licence RED Xterminator
  • Lots size allowed: Open
  • Max 6 pairs
  • Adjustment pairs: 6 Allowed
  • Max Group : Open

Xterminator GREEN Licence

$597 Per Annual 12 months
  • 1 year licence RED of xterminator
  • Lots size allowed Open
  • Max 8 set pairs
  • Adjustment Pairs : 8
  • Max trade: Open


Use XTERMINATOR with a Minimum $1000 equity, for up to 30 days.

Or, open a demo account if you feel more comfortable doing that.

And let Xterminator work its magic during that time.

If, during those 30 days, you’re not at all satisfied or totally disappointed based on what you’ve read in this letter, you can request a FULL refund.

Your money will simply be sent back to you with no questions asked.

Withdraw Up To $3,000, $5,000, Even $10,000 Per Month

I've shown you more than just screenshots.

I've shown you multiple REAL, LIVE, 3RD PARTY PROOF with returns of up to 20% per month over the last 7 months.

Before today,  You are not able to profit from forex market because you didn't know about Xterminator.

But Now is a different situation 

And you also NOW need to think seriously about what you'd like your net worth to be. Now you to think seriously about your future and what your money can make you safely in the market without high risk. And learning about COMPOUNDING effect. And in 5-10 years down the road, what your net worth will be.

Will you be spinning your wheels like you are today?

Suffering under the same drudgery of routine of everyday living?

Or will you be bold to AT LEAST put $1000 (or whatever you're comfortable with) in your trading account and watch it increase WITHOUT any effort on your part?

Here's my advice: Get Xterminator

Start small. Start anywhere between $1000-$2500 in your account.

And, every month, just like you would with your bank account, deposit a portion of your paycheck there. You can check our Telegram Channel for proof of live users and videos or screenshots of history and live account links. 

Let it compound, accumulate, multiply... over the next 12 months... and you, my friend, will be well on your way to receiving monthly passive income that will eventually eclipse your monthly salary.

Imagine withdrawing  up  to $3,000, $5,000, even $10,000 monthly without a lick of work.

It starts TODAY.


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